This is a regional research to be carried out in an interdisciplinary and comparative fashion in three Asian cities. The research activities will integrate three key dimensions- i.e. water, energy and carbon. It will be carried out in policy relevant manner for the benefit of a number of Asian cities in understanding and devising low-carbon urban development. The research activities are place-based in nature. We will carry out three research activities (a) comparative case-studies of Asian cities to characterize the nature of water-energy-carbon nexus and (b) quantification of the nexus in in order to show the extent of the direct and indirect importance and to illustrate the potentials of the nexus to the low carbon development in cities, and (c) based on these, we will gauze the extent and relevancy of addressing the barrier and opportunities for optimizing the water-energy-carbon nexus. We will cover three big Asian cities in this research: Tokyo, Bangkok and Delhi.

With the support from Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research, the research study titled ” Understanding and Quantifying the Water-Energy-Carbon Nexus for Low Carbon Development in Asian Cities” has been initiated in collaboration of three institutions: (a) Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand (b) Hiroshima University, Japan (c) TERI University, India.

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